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Luka's Strikee + I.W.S.P. (Master Grade)

Luka's Strikee + I.W.S.P. (Master Grade)

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More than just a color variation of the MG Strike Noir Gundam, this Master Grade kit of Lukas O'Donnell's Strike E comes with its I.W.S.P. (Integrated Weapons Striker Pack) unit and a plethora of weapons to boot!

From the "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Frame Astravs" manga series, Lukas's Strike E features highly detailed inner mechanisms and a super-articulated inner frame

that allow you to set it in a variety of dynamic poses.

Weapons include three beam rifles, two beam rifle shorty, a combined shield with gatling gun, beam boomerang, two swords, and a Grand Slam sword. A display stand is included to assist with mid-air poses.

Sharply molded in color, this snap-fit assembly kit does not require any cement or paint to complete (of course, the use of paint will improve the appearance of a finished model). Stickers and dry transfers are included for markings. Sharp!

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