Grandpa's Shop: A Family Legacy

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Welcome to "Myth Adventures," the place where the magic of collectibles comes to life! 

Picture this, it was the year 1991, and Helgi Davis a Vietnam veteran had the bright idea of buying a local game shop to house his personal collection soon to approach hoarding levels. 

& now picture this, it was the year 2021, and in the bustling city of McAllen, Kali Martinez had a brilliant idea. With a passion for all things collectible as her grandpa had furiously instilled, Kali decided to share her love with the internet. And thus, a prototype of "Myth Adventuresshop" was born on instagram, facebook, and discord. Now we finally have our very own website. 

You might be wondering what kind of treasures you'll find here, but the truth is it might be easier for us to list what we don't carry. Our store specializes in selling model kits, roleplaying games, modern and vintage comic books, trading cards, statues, figures from your all favorite fandoms, toys, manga, trade paperbacks, Warhammer kits, Hottoys, and supplies for your hobbies!

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a wide-eyed newbie, we've got you covered. Our store has something for everyone.

We're not just about selling; we're about creating a community of adventurers. Join our guild, where you can swap stories, share strategies, play competitively, or casually geek out over the latest releases. We believe that the real magic lies in the connections we make along the way.

We're a family business fueled by a love for all things collectible, and we can't wait to embark on this adventure with you. Get ready to unlock a world of wonder and let the myth begin!