Join our Pokemon League! (Thursdays & Saturdays)

Join our Pokemon League! (Thursdays & Saturdays)

We are excited to announce that Myth is hosting a casual Pokemon league for lovers of the sensational trading card game. Our Pokemon League will take place every Thursday at 5:00 pm and every Saturday at 4:00pm. The tournament is free to enter for the public. 

During our Pokemon league we invite you to get together with other Pokemon players in a laid-back setting, possibly make new friends, trade cards, and earn some prizes (promo packs available). 

It's no secret that Pokemon is near and dear to our hearts. We purchase pokemon cards from our customers weekly and offer a wide range of packs and booster boxes available for purchase. Currently we offer singles from the the base and unlimited sets, packs from Scarlet & Violet, Silver Tempest, and more. 

Whethere you are an OG collector of Pokemon interested in the base and unlimited sets or a casual consumer who just loves playing for the fun of it, we invite you to our Pokemon league and to come check out our Pokemon collection!


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