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Minako Sanada Bunny Ver (1/4 Scale)

Minako Sanada Bunny Ver (1/4 Scale)

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Originating from Aiue Oka's huge hit series "Ijirare ~Fukushuu Saimin~",

Among the main bullies, Minako Sanada is reproduced as a scale figure donning a bunny outfit.

At first glance, you'll notice Minako's gentle and motherly charms.

After reproducing the beautiful voluptous Minako, we are glad that her bodyline and bunny suit are a match made in heaven.

We made sure that you'll enjoy Minako's supple breasts and hips made perfect for childbearing as in 1/4 scale.

Minako's bunny suit has a glossy finish, and the tights are made of fabric with a vivid texture.

Please enjoy your very own Minako to the fullest by clicking that Add to Cart button.

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